We study all things clouds and their coupling to regional climate and circulation. We are interested in a broad range of time and space scales, ranging from deep time climate of Earth to human-driven climate change over the coming decades.

Our main approach is the application and development of climate model hierarchies and ensembles. In particular, we are using the unified ICON modeling system, which at the same time allows simulations at global scales over long periods of time (i.e., traditional GCM simulations at resolutions of ~100 km) as well as simulations at very-high resolution over limited domains and short time periods (i.e., large-eddy simulations at hectometer resolutions).

Our research topics include:

  • Influence of cloud-radiation-circulation coupling on midlatitude jet streams and cyclones
  • Cirrus clouds and climate sensitivity
  • Dynamics of tropical rainbelts
  • Snowball Earth and extrasolar planets