We seek to understand our climate in new and fundamental ways.

We are an international team that integrates innovative research, excellent teaching, and accessible outreach. Our team culture is built on collaboration, diversity and personal growth. We are guided by the principles of open and inclusive science, and are fueled by our curiosity and the desire to explore new approaches to long-standing problems. We build numerical representations of the climate system and combine them with theory and observations to push the boundaries of understanding and help train future generations.

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Climate is a fascinating complex system that affects the environment, human society, and our daily lives. One of our priorities is to find answers to fundamental questions, another one is to explore how these answers can benefit practical applications. While we study a variety of topics ranging from future climate change to the climate of Earth-like extrasolar planets, they are all related to clouds, radiation and the circulation of the atmosphere.

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Are you interested in working with us? Please get in contact to discuss opportunities for collaborations or to join our team. We also invite you to learn more about our team culture and values.