We strive to understand our climate in new and fundamental ways.

Our international team integrates innovative research, excellent teaching, and accessible outreach. Embracing a culture of collaboration, diversity and personal growth, we are guided by our curiosity and the principles of open and inclusive science. We challenge ourselves to explore new approaches to longstanding problems. Building numerical representations of the climate system, we combine computer models with theory and observations to push the boundaries of our understanding and train future generations of experts.

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Climate is a fascinating system that affects and shapes the environment, human society, and our daily life. Our priority is to seek answers to fundamental questions related to the functioning of the general circulation of the atmosphere, the climate impact of clouds and their interaction with radiation, past extreme climates, and the habitability of extrasolar Earth-like planets.

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Are you interested in working with us? We are always eager to discuss possibilities to join our team or initiate collaborations! Also, we invite you to learn about our team culture and values.